Home and Garden Design

Home and Garden Design

Home and Garden Design

Home And Garden: Summer Special is a series of six shows that take place at the Center Theater in Downtown Dallas during the summer. These shows are the perfect resource for money saving tips, expert advice, landscaping ideas, planning ideas, home and garden designing, and everything else you need for your own home and garden! Plan to bring the entire family to one of these nine shows held throughout the summer, held in the spring, fall and winter months. Each month has a different theme with activities to entertain everyone from children to adults.

Home And Garden

There are several gardens featured throughout the series for those who enjoy seeing what plants and flowers can be created. You will see an array of garden designs inspired by the seasons. For example, in May there is "spring garden" with a theme of blooming perennials. At the end of summer you will head to "fall garden", which features seasonal foliage designs and colors to reflect the season.

The Center Theater hosts these popular summer shows all summer long. What better way to get in tune with nature than while enjoying a great show at the theater? The show schedule offers a variety of entertaining garden shows that allow families to relax and have fun while experiencing the beauty of the outdoor garden. Many of these popular gardens used ideas from the featured garden designers during the show. The talented artisans produce original designs in several styles to suit the theme of each of the shows.

For example, in May, "flashlights" patio sets are featured. These unique garden fixtures come as a pair of potted plants on a single frame. Each of the two potted plants is a replica of a flame creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. In addition to patio sets, flashlights are available in a variety of designs such as whimsical lanterns, rustic rock lights, and elegant iron candle holders.

Summertime is a great time to focus on your garden's flower garden. With the blossoms just beginning to bloom, you can now create an outdoor haven complete with stylish patio furniture. Patio furniture includes hammocks, planters, chairs, arbors and more. Garden parties can also be planned around the flower beds. Arranging for a cookout on your patio is also possible with a variety of attractive table settings available.

When the cold weather descends, don't forget about home and garden accessories. Home and garden products are designed to withstand heavy use year-round. For example, wrought iron garden furniture can withstand years of use and still look beautiful. Also, there are plenty of garden accessories designed to help you create your ideal outdoor living space - including birdbath covers and flowerpot holders to name just a few.